HYDRA FS1400 Flotation Seperator:

Water separator recycling machine that separates light material form heavy material using a water filled tank. The light material floats on the water to be removed by a brush conveyor. The machine has the following features:

  • Steel tub water bath supporting a heavy material belt, a light material belt and a feed chute with option al screen box and fines removal conveyor.
  • Approximately 4 cubic metres of water in full tank.
  • Water level automatically controlled with a ¾“ float valve. Two doors on the back and 2 on the side of the tub for access and cleaning.
  • Heavy material conveyor belt to remove heavy material that sinks to the bottom and is then carried out by it.
  • Brush drum cleaner at head drum of conveyor driven by belt and pulleys from head drum shaft. 5.5 kw electric motor drive.
  • Light material brush conveyor the removes light material floating on the water. 3 kw electric motor drive
  • Shaftless screw in bottom of tank to remove sediment and transfer it to the discharge screw. 0.75 kw electric motor drive.
  • Discharge shaft less screw conveyor to take sediment from the screw in the bottom of the tank. 1.1 kw electric motor drive.
  • Hardox lined feed chute for material to be fed into from a customer conveyor.
  • 7 x 4 ft vibrating screen box with discharge conveyor to remove fines.
  • End portion of screen box has a vac chute positioned to remove light material as it exits the screen box.
  • Height adjustable vac chute.

Machine Specs

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